Apps for 2018

Life has never been easier than it is today with smart phones. Having a tiny, extremely powerful supercomputer in our pockets means we have access to all kinds of great resources to use at our disposal. With access to the internet, your web browser can be used for more than just researching Medicare supplement plans.


Photo curating and sharing is incredibly easy and fun with the Instagram app. Regardless of your photography skill level, you can make your pictures look like professional photos using the app’s built in filters. Filters are preset overlays you can put on your pictures that adjust things like color, brightness, contrast, and hue to alter the image slightly and give it a fun, unique appearance. Once you’ve created the perfect photo, you can share it with your friends, family, and the world by posting it to your Instagram profile. It’s a great way to stay connected with people and enjoy the content that you and others post and share.

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If you love networking and staying productive with your time, even during retirement, the LinkedIn app is a perfect way to stay connected to your professional network. Unlike casual social media apps that you may be familiar with, such as Facebook, LinkedIn is entirely meant for business and professional use. This is where you connect with people you have met or worked with in a professional capacity, and use that ever growing network to connect with more people that your connections might be able to introduce you to. The idea is to utilize the overall network of everyone you know to grow your own, with hopes that it leads to something productive for you and them.

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Perhaps there is a business deal or investment you want to go in on and are looking for someone to go in with. Your connections might be able to introduce you to someone with similar interests or skills that would make for a great connection for you. Many people use it to network to find jobs or to find employees for their companies. You can also use it to research companies you are interested in learning more about, or finding out who works there. It’s an incredibly useful tool for productive relationship building even for those in retirement. It could be the perfect way to finally introduce yourself to someone you have been trying to get ahold of for some time, but never had access to them to make it happen.