Fun Thing to Do As A Senior

As you get older it’s probably harder to do the things that you may have enjoyed when you were in your younger years, such as maybe running or weight lifting or going on hard hikes that are uphill. It may be difficult to find things that you enjoy to do especially when you maybe enjoyed doing things that involve physical activity. So in this article you will be shown different things that you can do for fun when you begin to get older


One thing that you can do if you were someone that enjoyed to do physical activity when you were younger is you can take on yoga, light biking, speed walking or walking in general. These activities are lighter on the body like on your joints and knees. Light weight lifting can also be something that you may be interested in if you have done it before. As you may know running daily or doing hard exercise can be very hard on your joints and knees, so these are better for your body when you are getting older in age and your body can’t handle that much.

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Another thing that you can do if you aren’t someone that is interested in doing exercise like that is to pick up a hobby that is in the art category. You can try photography,drawing,painting or basically anything that involves creating things.  Even if you don’t have experience doing any of these things you may begin to find out that you actually really enjoy these things and that you may actually be good at these things and not even know it until to try it. Maybe start with doing some sketching and then work your way up to painting on a canvas. Take a art class like a painting class. Or follow a youtube video that shows you how to paint or draw something. The sooner you start to do these things the sooner you can find out what you enjoy to do.

Whatever it is that you like to do it doesn’t matter, just try to find something that you really like to do in your free time so that you can keep yourself busy and happy. Even though you may not be able to do what you used to you can still find things that are close to that and things that can still be fun for you.