Great Ways to Make Money Online

Being in retirement doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t continue making money in your free time. The internet is a vast and wonderful place filled with opportunity. You can use your web browser for more than just researching Medicare supplement plans. Consider these creative methods to enjoy some time online and making money doing it.


If you had a long and productive career, chances are you are somewhat of a subject matter expert in some aspect of your field. Write an ebook that showcases your expertise and share your knowledge with the world. Ebooks are great because you don’t need to go through the process and hassle of finding a publisher and convincing them to take you on. You can write your own book your own way, give it the graphics you like, and post it online to your website or even sell it for download on Amazon.

Similar to the ebook, or could even go hand in hand, is creating an online course. Even if you’ve never taught a course in your life, you can create course material on a subject you’re knowledgeable in, or an accompanying ebook, and make videos of yourself teaching each lesson in the course. Charge a small fee to take the course, or make the course free and charge for the book or course material. If you are really skilled and passionate about something in particular, this could be a very easy method for you.

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Supporting local business is important for the economy of your community and is also intrinsically rewarding. Take it a step further and become an actual investor in a local business that you believe in and care about. Offer them an investment in return for an equity stake in the business or some sort of profit sharing arrangement. If they’re interested in your support, you can choose to be a silent partner and just sit back and collect your money, or you can be more hands on and join the management or board in some capacity so your voice is more involved in the company’s decision making processes.


If you have extra space in your house, making money could be as easy as renting out the extra space. Either space in your garage or on your property for storage, or a room in the house for a roommate temporarily. Use your online and social media profiles to advertise the space for rent and enjoy a little extra income.