Music Apps in 2018

These days technology is providing us with more and more unbelievable tools to enjoy our lives. Most everyone has a smart phone, and with that comes access to the internet and an endless number of apps to play around with and enjoy. Your web browser can be used for more than just researching Medicare supplement plans. Take a look at these helpful apps everyone should have on their smart phone.



Everyone enjoys listening to music and being able to do that right from your smart phone is as convenient today as it has ever been. Music apps allow you to either download music to your phone or device or use the internet to stream music live without having to download it. Spotify is an app that you can have for free that lets you listen to music and informational podcasts with ads that play every once and a while. Or you can opt for the paid version for a monthly fee that eliminates ads so you can listen uninterrupted.

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iHeartRadio is an app that lets you listen to any participating live radio station right from the internet. If you travel a lot, or have moved recently, and know that there’s a radio station out there that you love and can’t get where you are currently, iHeartRadio will let you listen to it anyways, entirely for free. Pandora Radio is a similar app that also has a free and paid version that either plays ads or eliminates them. With Pandora, though, you can create your own radio stations by searching for music you love and allowing it to play similar music based on your likes and dislikes. It will use algorithms to build playlists of music based on what you tell it you enjoy listening to.


Once you have all your music and podcast apps lined up, try your hand at Audible. It’s an app that allows you to buy audio book versions of the books you love and will read them aloud to you. This is perfect for listening to during long trips in the car, going for walks outside, or just playing from your smart phone in your home while you clean up around the house or hang out. Rather than having to actually sit down and read the entire book, let the app read it to you while you do other things. The app is free, but you have to pay for the audio books or pay for a subscription to the website to get credits for books.