Music Apps in 2018

These days technology is providing us with more and more unbelievable tools to enjoy our lives. Most everyone has a smart phone, and with that comes access to the internet and an endless number of apps to play around with and enjoy. Your web browser can be used for more than just researching Medicare supplement plans. Take a look at these helpful apps everyone should have on their smart phone.



Everyone enjoys listening to music and being able to do that right from your smart phone is as convenient today as it has ever been. Music apps allow you to either download music to your phone or device or use the internet to stream music live without having to download it. Spotify is an app that you can have for free that lets you listen to music and informational podcasts with ads that play every once and a while. Or you can opt for the paid version for a monthly fee that eliminates ads so you can listen uninterrupted.

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iHeartRadio is an app that lets you listen to any participating live radio station right from the internet. If you travel a lot, or have moved recently, and know that there’s a radio station out there that you love and can’t get where you are currently, iHeartRadio will let you listen to it anyways, entirely for free. Pandora Radio is a similar app that also has a free and paid version that either plays ads or eliminates them. With Pandora, though, you can create your own radio stations by searching for music you love and allowing it to play similar music based on your likes and dislikes. It will use algorithms to build playlists of music based on what you tell it you enjoy listening to.


Once you have all your music and podcast apps lined up, try your hand at Audible. It’s an app that allows you to buy audio book versions of the books you love and will read them aloud to you. This is perfect for listening to during long trips in the car, going for walks outside, or just playing from your smart phone in your home while you clean up around the house or hang out. Rather than having to actually sit down and read the entire book, let the app read it to you while you do other things. The app is free, but you have to pay for the audio books or pay for a subscription to the website to get credits for books.

Great Ways to Make Money Online

Being in retirement doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t continue making money in your free time. The internet is a vast and wonderful place filled with opportunity. You can use your web browser for more than just researching Medicare supplement plans. Consider these creative methods to enjoy some time online and making money doing it.


If you had a long and productive career, chances are you are somewhat of a subject matter expert in some aspect of your field. Write an ebook that showcases your expertise and share your knowledge with the world. Ebooks are great because you don’t need to go through the process and hassle of finding a publisher and convincing them to take you on. You can write your own book your own way, give it the graphics you like, and post it online to your website or even sell it for download on Amazon.

Similar to the ebook, or could even go hand in hand, is creating an online course. Even if you’ve never taught a course in your life, you can create course material on a subject you’re knowledgeable in, or an accompanying ebook, and make videos of yourself teaching each lesson in the course. Charge a small fee to take the course, or make the course free and charge for the book or course material. If you are really skilled and passionate about something in particular, this could be a very easy method for you.

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Supporting local business is important for the economy of your community and is also intrinsically rewarding. Take it a step further and become an actual investor in a local business that you believe in and care about. Offer them an investment in return for an equity stake in the business or some sort of profit sharing arrangement. If they’re interested in your support, you can choose to be a silent partner and just sit back and collect your money, or you can be more hands on and join the management or board in some capacity so your voice is more involved in the company’s decision making processes.


If you have extra space in your house, making money could be as easy as renting out the extra space. Either space in your garage or on your property for storage, or a room in the house for a roommate temporarily. Use your online and social media profiles to advertise the space for rent and enjoy a little extra income.

Income Streams

Income Streams for 2019

Even though you’ve made it to retirement, you may be interested in keeping the income streaming in so that you are able to live comfortably and have some extra money to have some fun with. If you’ve covered all your bases and have all of your insurance in order with Medicare supplement plans, start considering adding some of these income streams to your life.


Earned income is the money you make from working a job. This is one that you preferably would not have to do anymore now that you are retired, you probably worked your entire life to have this one. Unless you are bored with the extra time you have in retirement or are super passionate about a certain job that you can have fun working part time in, like at a golf course or on a farm, you shouldn’t worry about this one.


Profit income, however, might be more enjoyable for you. This is the money you make by buying things and selling them for a profit. This could be done with antiques, furniture, cars, houses, household items or gadgets, books, etc. If you are passionate about something in particular and know a lot about it, that might be the best thing to stick to when buying and selling. That way you know exactly what to look for when buying and exactly what it’s worth for when you sell it.


A third income stream that is often overlooked is Interest income. This is profit you make from lending money to people or businesses. You could look at it as an investment with the intention of making a return on the money you lend out at a particular interest rate, but remember there is also the risk that the money will never be paid back. Make sure you trust the people you lend your money to, and always make sure to write up a contract with the terms of the agreement so you can hold the people you lend to accountable to it.


Dividend income is another common one that comes primarily from owning certain stocks, Real Estate Investment Trusts, or insurance policies. Anything that pays out a dividend, typically quarterly or yearly, is considered dividend income. This usually happens when a company performs well over a certain period of time and they reward their share holders by paying them a dividend. Usually, you can choose to take it in cash or you can reinvest it back into whatever the asset is, which will increase your share in it and potentially yield even higher dividends later.

Fun Thing to Do As A Senior

As you get older it’s probably harder to do the things that you may have enjoyed when you were in your younger years, such as maybe running or weight lifting or going on hard hikes that are uphill. It may be difficult to find things that you enjoy to do especially when you maybe enjoyed doing things that involve physical activity. So in this article you will be shown different things that you can do for fun when you begin to get older


One thing that you can do if you were someone that enjoyed to do physical activity when you were younger is you can take on yoga, light biking, speed walking or walking in general. These activities are lighter on the body like on your joints and knees. Light weight lifting can also be something that you may be interested in if you have done it before. As you may know running daily or doing hard exercise can be very hard on your joints and knees, so these are better for your body when you are getting older in age and your body can’t handle that much.

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Another thing that you can do if you aren’t someone that is interested in doing exercise like that is to pick up a hobby that is in the art category. You can try photography,drawing,painting or basically anything that involves creating things.  Even if you don’t have experience doing any of these things you may begin to find out that you actually really enjoy these things and that you may actually be good at these things and not even know it until to try it. Maybe start with doing some sketching and then work your way up to painting on a canvas. Take a art class like a painting class. Or follow a youtube video that shows you how to paint or draw something. The sooner you start to do these things the sooner you can find out what you enjoy to do.

Whatever it is that you like to do it doesn’t matter, just try to find something that you really like to do in your free time so that you can keep yourself busy and happy. Even though you may not be able to do what you used to you can still find things that are close to that and things that can still be fun for you.