Passive Income Streams

Here are some great ways to keep money coming in even during your retirement. If you’ve covered all your bases and have all of your insurance in order with Medicare supplement plans, start considering adding some of these income streams to your life.


One of the most common forms of income, which you may already have coming in without even realizing it, is Capital Gains. Capital Gains is income from assets that you own increasing in value. This could be stocks you own or your house if you own it. This is a passive form of income that requires very little work or effort after the upfront purchase or acquisition of the asset. It’s making money while you sleep, the perfect way to do it.

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Rental income is another form of passive income and a fantastic, virtually effortless way to make really great money. Rental income could most commonly be recognized as coming from owning a house and renting it out to someone. If you have a tractor or other piece of capital equipment you could rent that out as well, or maybe special tools or other items that you happen to have that other people need. Any asset that you can let people use and return for a fee, including land or extra space you have, is rental income.


A form of income that many people might not even think to consider is Royalty income. This is making money by letting other people use your idea. It can also be derived from licensing something you created to other people such as a song, stock photo, or intellectual property. Royalties may be more difficult to come by if you haven’t created anything or don’t want to spend the time or effort creating something. However, if you are able to, royalties are another great form of passive income, requiring little to no effort once the original work took place and continuing to make money on it long after.


Passive income is the best way to make money, ensuring the money you make is not dictated by any amount of work you have to put into it. It will keep paying after the work has been done, making it one of the best ways to be financially independent from having to rely on earning a paycheck. If you are able to spend the time setting up passive income for yourself, it could make for a fantastic retirement.